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Linkfast® Hook & Loop Fasteners
(Touch Tape)

Linkfast® is a registered trademark and
after 20 years, still stands for quality Touch Tape.

What it is

Hook & Loop (commonly known as Touch Tape) is a type of temporary fastener comprising of two layers: the ‘hook’ side and the ‘loop’ side. When pressed together, the hook side catches the loop holding both layers together.  The layers can easily be peeled apart but is near impossible when force is applied parallel to the plane of the fastener (also known as lateral tensile strength or shear strength).

 Touch Tape’s properties include
  •     Temporary bond that can re-attach many times
  •     Increased strength when the force is parallel to the plane of the fastener
  •     Bond is water-proof
  •     Maintenance-free
  •     Used extensively in apparel replacing zippers and buttons (sportswear, bags, netball bibs)
  •     Footwear replacing laces
  •     Cable ties, straps, watch bands
  •     Attaching trim to automobiles
  •     Padding for bike helmets
  •     Attaching posters and signs, exhibitions and displays
  •     Fastener for orthopaedic braces, back braces & other medical support
  •     Straps in camping goods
  •     Replace zips in water-proof pouches and bags
  •     Attaching removable fabric covers, backing, liners to furniture
  •     Stationery
  •     Upholstery and Curtains
  •     Watchbands and straps

You are now no more than 20 feet away from
Touch Tape.

You may not see it but it’s there. Touch Tape is versatile and widely used in a galaxy of applications. At the office, you may find it used in your shoes, clothing, bag you carried to work, holding the signboard above your front door, in the sofa at reception or behind  the carpet trim of your car parked outside. Call us on +61(3) 9763 1111 to learn more.
               How will Touch Tape enhance
my product?

The convenience of Touch Tape made to order

We know that it’s a hassle to measure and cut Touch Tape to length. Do that 100X or 1000X and it becomes a chore. That is why we offer a Custom Cut Service that takes the pain out of cutting Touch Tape.  We offer the following services:

Measure and Cut
Cut Touch Tape to required length.

Cut and Stick hook and loop together
Especially for adhesive tape, marrying the hook and loop makes it a cinch to glue 2 surfaces without having to align the hook and loop tape. This service is very popular with our customers.

Straps for medical and industrial use (welding)
Weld hook and loop together to make straps of various lengths and widths.
Whether it’s for fluorescent watch bands, pallet straps or luggage straps, give us a call on +61(3)9763-1111 to find out how to make your own custom Touch Tape.