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What it is: Fastener comprising two layers. When pressed together, the hook side 'catches' the loop holding both layers together.

Properties: Temporary bond that can re-attach many times, water-proof, increased strength when force is parallel to the plane of the fastener.

Applications: Apparel, straps and watch bands, replaces zip fasteners, orthopaedic braces, cable ties, footwear, tags, automotive products, bike helmets, displays and exhibitions.

Width: 10mm - 200mm Length: Packed in 25m / roll

Types: Sew-on, adhesive, weldable, back-to-back, fire-retardant, double-sided loop, mushroom hook, soft plastic hook, elastic loop, non-brushed loop & many more Adhesive Dots: 15mm, 22mm. Also available in retail packs. ...more
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