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LA7 Neoprene Rubber
LA7 has a lower compression rate while maintaining reasonable softness. As such, suitable for diving suits rated up to a depth of 50 meters and water ski pants.
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Main Feature(s): Diving depth up to 50 meters.
Its strength and hardness are higher than those of LA8 grade.


The following information has been provided to you based on manufacturer's representations. However, neoprene is subject to manufacturing tolerances and as such, actual specifications may vary. If there are particular requirements for your neoprene/rubber, please call us on +61(3)9763-1111 beforehand to obtain confirmation.

Color:                                         Black

Composition:                                         100% CR

Elongation Rate(%) (ASTM D412):                           >500

Tensile Strength(kg/cm²) (ASTM D412) :                     >6.5

Tearing Strength(kg/cm) (ASTM D624):                     >2
Hardness (ASKER Type C) (ASTM D2240):                        5~7
Density(g/cm³) (ASTM D1817):                                 0.18 ± 0.02
Modulus at 200%(kg/cm²) (ASTM D412):                         2~4

Water Absorption by Weight(%) (JIS K6767)                  <2

Shrinkage(%) (70°C 22HRS) (JIS K6767):                     <3
Compression Set% (compression 50% 22HRS 25°C) (ASTM D395):   <15
Flammability Test:                                           UL-94 HBF

Size(Inch):                                            51"x83"