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LAR Rubber
General purpose rubber suitable to make most gift and promotional items. Comes in white for dye-sublimation or colours for screen-printing.
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5mm neoprene provides the best insulation and durability. However, for certain designs such as Zip Coolers and Bottle Loop-overs, the neoprene is required to mould around the product and provide a snug fit. In such a case, we suggest using 2mm or 3mm neoprene.

If you are designing a new product and would like some advise on materials selection, please call us on +61(3)9763-1111 for a no-obligation consultation. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Stubby Coolers:          5mm Jersey/Jersey

Zip, Loop-Overs: 2mm, 3mm Jersey/Jersey

Bases for stubbies 5mm Jersey/sharkskin
& bottles: 5mm Jersey/smoothskin

Mousemats, Coasters: 3mm, 5mm Jersey/Cell (Neoprene)
1mm, 3mm, 5mm Jersey/Cell (Foam Rubber)
Colours (for panels):    White Linkfast™ DPL#, White, Colours
Please see Neoprene colour chart.

Colours (for bases): White, Black

# White Linkfast™ DPL has been specifically designed for dye-sublimation printing with brighter colour reproduction.