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Stubby (375ml) - Zip Panel
Keeps beer cold longer by providing better insulation with a zip that fit the cooler around the stubby snugly. Fits Carlton, XXXX, Coopers or VB, and other stubbies.
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To make a Zip Stubby Cooler, you will need to assemble three parts:
  1. Front: White neoprene panel for dye-sublimation printing or colour for screen printing;
  2. Back: Black neoprene panel with zippers pre-sewn; and
  3. Base with sharkskin
Other things you might need:
  • Heat Seal Tape
  • Mauser Tape (sewing)
  • Sublimation Ink
  • Sublimation Paper
The above items are available from Linkron Australia. Call us on (03)9763-1111 to find out more.

Size:                    210mm x 155mm
105mm x 155mm (print area)

Fits: 375ml stubbies
Available in:            2mm,3mm Neoprene
Colours (Front):         White Linkfast™ DPL#, White, Colours
Please see Neoprene colour chart.

Colours (Back):         Black with zip

Colours (Base):         Black, White
# White Linkfast™ DPL has been specifically designed for dye-sublimation printing with brighter colour reproduction.