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Sew-on Hook & Loop
Suitable for sewing and stitching on fabrics. Commonly used in place of zippers and buttons such as apparel and shoes. As it is waterproof, it is commonly used in board shorts, wetsuits and dive gear.

 It represents the primary product on which other touch tapes are based on.
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Sew-on Hook & Loop fastening tape is made from 100% Nylon Filament.

16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm.
(25m per roll). Other widths available on request.

Various. Refer to colour chart.


The following information has been provided to you based on manufacturer's representations. However, Touch Tape is subject to manufacturing tolerances and as such, actual specifications may vary. If there are particular requirements for your Touch Tape, please call us on +61(3)9763-1111 beforehand to obtain confirmation. 



Item    Result    Method
Peel strength (g/cm):    200    CNS 12649 l3227
Shear strength (kg/cm2 ): 0.85    CNS 12649 l3227
Tearing strength (kg):    2    ASTM D22261
Peeling Cycle    Closure strength cut down rate    Change on Loop tape
2000 times     under 10%     No fluffing
5000 times     under 15%     Little fluffing
10000 times     under 20%     Obvious fluffing
20000 times     under 25%     Fluffing throughout

Test Item    Test Method    Grade
Fastness to Light    CNS 1493    Grade 3+
Fastness to Washing    CNS 1494    Grade 3+
Fastness to Hot Water    CNS 1495    Grade 3+
Fastness to Perspiration  CNS 1496    Grade 3+
Fastness to Abrasion    CNS 1499    Grade 3+


Width    Lateral Tensile Strength     Vertical Peeling  Strength         
(Closure Length 50mm) (Closure Length 50mm)
Load (kg)    Load (g)
16mm     5.5 kgs or above             230g or above
20mm     7.0 kgs or above    280g or above
25mm    9 kgs or above    350g or above
38mm    14 kgs or above    550g or above
50mm    18 kgs or above    700g or above
75mm    27 kgs or above    1100g or above
100mm    36 kgs or above    1500g or above
125mm    45 kgs or above    1900g or above
Heat resistance: Melting point: Hook 220 °C, Loop 180°C.
Hook becoming soft at 180°C and begins to melt from 210-220°C.

Chill resistance: Unable to be used at temperatures below 30°C.
The lower the temperature, the stronger the tensile strength.

Humidity: In humidity over 90% RH, the tensile strength is somewhat reduced. However, it restores completely after drying.