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B10 Fabric Loop
Softest loop in our range. B10 is more akin to fabric than narrow-width tape. It has excellent hand-feel, durable with hundreds of closures and pairs well with Mushroom Hook. Used in medical products (blood pressure meter, wrist protector) and lining material in notebook computer cases/briefcases. Sold in 25mm width or in rolls of up to 1.5m wide.
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Widths:       25mm
Other widths available on request.
Colours:      Black, White.
Other colours available on request.



The following information has been provided to you based on manufacturer's representations. However, Touch Tape is subject to manufacturing tolerances and as such, actual specifications may vary. If there are particular requirements for your Touch Tape, please call us on +61(3)9763-1111 beforehand to obtain confirmation. 

Weight:     290 +/- 10 (g/y)

Feature:    Durability, good hand feeling, hundreds of closures, best for mushroom tape.

Usage:     Medical products (Blood pressure meter, wrist protector), housing-keeping utility, sweepers, sports equipment, lining material of briefcase for laptop computer.

Remark:    Not good when applying for high tensile purpose. When laminating, take its rate of shrinkage into account.