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017PS Adhesive Dots
Specialized 017PS Adhesive Tape cut into convenient and easy-to-use dots. The 017PS adhesive glue is best used on plastics, acrylic, aluminium and other metals. Although it can be used immediately after application, 017PS glue takes 24hrs to cure/bond to the surface. As such, we recommend use after 24hrs. Comes in 2 sizes: 15mm and 22mm diameter.
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017PS Adhesive Dots have superior bond strength for use in the Signs & Banners, advertising, automotive, stationery, medical and other industries. The main features of the acrylic adhesive are

* High temperature use
* Strong  bonding strength
* Full bonding strength after 24 hours
* Operating Temperature range from –18°C  to 107°C

017PS is not recommended for rough or grained surfaces. 017PS adhesive is not washable or dry cleanable.

Great for use in

* Sticking posters up. Since 017PS is a Touch Tape, easily take posters down after the event
* Attaching carpet tiles to floor
* Affixing items into position
* Furniture covers, automobile upholstery
* Applying to surfaces that are not suitable for stitching or welding.
eg: Wood, glass, metal, plastic or PVC.



The following information has been provided to you based on manufacturer's representations. However, Touch Tape is subject to manufacturing tolerances and as such, actual specifications may vary. If there are particular requirements for your Touch Tape, please call us on +61(3)9763-1111 beforehand to obtain confirmation.

Widths:      15mm diameter(3600 per roll) 
22mm diameter(900 per roll)
Other diameters and shapes are available on request.

Colours: Black, White.
Other colours are available on request.

Temperature Range

For best results, the adhesive should be applied at room temperature of 20°C (68°F) or higher. If 017PS is required to be applied at temperatures lower than 20°C (68°F), warm the 017PS tape and substrate prior to application.

Surface Preparation

Surface should be clean, dry and free of oils. Use a clean wiping cloth with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to free surface of contaminates and allow to dry. Peel release liner from back of tape and apply. Please take care to avoid touching adhesive with fingers.

(to be used as a guide only)
Test Material                           Test Result
Aluminum, unpainted    Good
Steel, unpainted    Excellent
Rigid vinyl    Excellent
Polystyrene    Good
Polycarbonate    Excellent
Abs    Excellent
Plexigrass    Excellent
Urethane finished wood  Excellent
Some paints    Good
Polypropylene    Fair
Polyethelene    Poor-fair
Soft vinyl    Good