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Pattern Cut, Sew, Assemble
Convert Neoprene sheets into products ... FAST! You don’t need to cut neoprene sheets yourself. You could be out there getting MORE BUSINESS!
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Linkron offers package deals for stubby panels + assembly included.
(1) We supply blank neoprene panels. (2) You print them. (3) Bring them back to us to assemble. It's too easy.

Our Custom Cut and Assembly Service takes a chunk of pain out of converting neoprene sheets into your products. Rather than spending time cutting and sewing, you could be out there raking in more business. Therefore, allow us to offer you the following services:

Pattern Cutting that’s clean and precise
Take the hassle out of cutting neoprene sheets. Rather than buying the sheet and cutting it   yourself, we can cut neoprene and supply you the already cut pieces. Whatever shape, size or thickness, our cutting is clean, precise and of high quality.

Mauser and Heat Seal Tape Assembly
Join neoprene together with Mauser or Heat Seal tape. Most commonly used for making stubby coolers.

Sewing & Finished Products
Depending on complexity, we can sew  and assemble finished products made from neoprene. Just call us on +61(3) 9763-1111 to find out what else we can do for you.