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LAEP10 Rubber (EPDM)
Has superior heat, weather and ozone resistance. Suitable for use in automobiles and boats, gaskets, washers, electrical insulation and shock-absorbing cushions.
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Main Feature(s): Heat, weather & ozone resistance.


The following information has been provided to you based on manufacturer's representations. However, neoprene is subject to manufacturing tolerances and as such, actual specifications may vary. If there are particular requirements for your neoprene/rubber, please call us on +61(3)9763-1111 beforehand to obtain confirmation.

Color:                                                     Black

Composition:                                             EPDM

Tensile (kPa) (ASTM D412):                    >380
Hardness (ASKER Type C):                    10 ± 5
Density(g/cm³) (ASTM D1056):                             0.12 ± 0.03
ASTM D1056-00:                     2A1/2A2

Compression Resistance 25%(kPa)(ASTM D1056):  14-18
Size(Inch):                                              42"x130"