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Print & Cut Transfer Paper
Transfer paper printed and conveniently cut to size. We can also supply printed transfer paper on a roll (no cutting). Saves you time and hassle of printing and cutting paper for large bulk orders and rush jobs.

We have teamed up with a Roland distributor to offer you excellent prints. Read on for other benefits below.
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When you only have a small printer
We can print wide format artwork for banners, posters and bar mats.

Printer time out
When your printer suffers a print head collision and is out of action for a while, you don't have to turn customers away. Linkron provides a stop gap measure by printing transfer paper. You can then do the pressing and assembly as per normal.


A template will be provided on request.

BLEED (as per template)
Keep graphical elements within green Inner Bleed.
Background must be extended to blue Outer Bleed.

Save all fonts as outline.

Wherever possible, save artwork as PANTONE colour codes for better colour reproduction. We can of course still print process colours CMYK and RGB. While our printer has been colour calibrated, actual colour output may vary slightly. The printer may not accurately reproduce certain colours such as fluorescent.

For best results, save logos and graphics as vector graphics.

Please save all artwork as EPS or PDF file format. If that is not possible, we can also accept Adobe Illustrator AI, Photoshop PSD, TIF, JPEG (Baseline encoding). Regardless of which format, please also send a reference copy of artwork as JPEG.

Please prepare artwork preferably in CMYK. The colour management used by our printer are
* CMYK: US Web Coated (SWOP); or
* RGB: Adobe RGB 1998

NOTE: We print as good a quality as the artwork we are given. We are not responsible for bad artwork, wrong colours, fonts not saved as outline, spelling mistakes or poor photos. Please ensure that your artwork has been finalised before submission.