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Suitable for use in orthortic brace, support and sports protection gear.
eg: Wrist and hand support, elbow support, knee support and back brace.

We recommend 2mm or 3mm neoprene for general joint support with 5mm neoprene for back braces. For added comfort, the support or brace should be breathable to allow for sweat and moisture wicking. Call us on +61(3)9763-1111 to find out how! We offer a selection of breathable neoprene that may paired with your fabric outerwear and lining.


Touch Tape
We also sell touch tape fasteners commonly used to secure the brace/support. Please visit our website and refer to Touch Tape>>For Garments and Apparel  for more information.

Cutting And Assembly
We offer a range of contract cutting services for neoprene and Touch Tape. We can also manufacture the finished item for you. Just give is a call on +61(3) 9763-1111 for a no-obligation quote.

Plush Fabric for Lining
To give your product extra comfort, you can pair the rubber with our range of plush fabric lining. Click on the link 'more' below to find out how. ...more
LA3 Neoprene Rubber
LA3 Neoprene Rubber
General all purpose rubber suitable for budget wetsuits and divesuits. Also suitable for shoes, gloves, orthortic brace...